Traveling: San Francisco

I'm leaving on a trip to Madrid in a few weeks and the plans have me remembering some of the other trips I've taken. Last spring I went to San Fransisco and just LOVED it -have you been? Not only is the scenery breathtaking -but it has some of the best architecture this side of the Atlantic. Here are a few of my favorites! You have to check it out sometime if you haven'tbeen! Nob Hill had some great apartment buildings - check out this crazy white one with all the rounded bays! I wonder what it's like inside...imagine the views!

Check out this CRAZY venetian fantasy of a house! Who lives there, Romeo or Juliet?

This staircase was just really charming and glamorous I thought - from a great neighborhood near the legion of honor - Cliffwalk ( where Robin Williams lives! )

This is a GREAT art-deco sky-scraper. I'd love to work in there!

And the most touristy for last....but it is amazing!

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