Just for fun!!

Well, just to prove that I'm not all seriousness and boring, last week I had a FUN, SILLY good time at the SPICE GIRLS concert!!!!'anticipation'

I think most people my age will remember how popular they were back in jr. high and high school - so imagine my surprise when the audience was comprised of mainly 12 year old girls!! They were what, 5 yrs old the last spice girl's album in 2000? So they did all their standards of course from their 3 albums and changed outfits LIGHTENING fast for each song! It was really pretty amazing. They were very energetic performers if not the best dancers. I really was expecting some crazy choreography from them!
At one point they all did a little solo and Victoria Beckham ( POSH SPICE ) did Ru Paul's 'Super model' - you can see her strutting it here. Everytime she was up on the jumbotron screens the little girls went NUTS -I really felt bad for all the other Spices -it was clear who the favorite was! She was SOOOOO skinny, Posh needs a burger!
Anyway -it was a really good time and hopefully these pictures attest to that! I got a spice girl's coffee mug to bring to work and give me something to smile about on those rough days!! Spice up your life!!

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