Clutter or visually interesting?

I abhor clutter.......I also dislike stark minimalism - it's BORING. However, I think there is a fine line between a visually interesting space and a messy, clutter-filled room. Style isn't a factor here - modern vs. traditional -elle decor vs. traditional home - comfort is key!
Color, treasured possessions, books, scented candles, fresh flowers and comfortable furnishings with cushions are the life of a room! Presentation and organization are key! I realize a lot of this is personal taste. I prefer the visual warmth of personal belongings displayed to their best advantage - it lends an air of personality and charm.

I think you would say my own apartment is a well organized but full of PERSONALITY. Hopefully no one would call it clutter-filled! ya, these pics are not my apt! lol I WISH!Compare the charm of Miles Redd to Armani home -big difference, huh? Which would you rather spend time in?

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