Fred and Ginger

ginger's "skirt"

I generally dislike Frank Gehry -there I said it. I do agree that his buildings' form in the past 10 years are unique and stunning but after seeing the documentary about him and his way of working and his blatant love of publicity(more suited to britney spears ) I really dislike him and think he gives architects a bad name. He may bring architect's closer to 'art' but I think his connection to what a REAL architect is is thin at best. He gives the impression to the general public not associated with architects ( and other designers as well ) that architecture is play and 'drawing pretty pictures'. The fact that his part of the process is crinkling a piece of paper and then getting the credit is a little bit unnerving to me. However.......that being said.....My love of old movies and the sheer whimsy of this apartment building in Prague really speak to me. I love the fluid lines and how easy it is to read Fred grasping Ginger and twirling her around the dancefloor. One of these days I'll get to Prague to admire it ( then later talk about how over-rated Frank Gehry is! ).
close up of 'fred'

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