Ms. Pettigrew lives for a day

This weekend I caught 'Ms. Pettigrew lives for a day'. Frances Mcdormand plays the lead but the beautiful Amy Adams steals the show from her as the ADORABLE employer whom Frances sort of 'mothers'.

the insanely beautiful Amy Adams
While this is a silly 'fun' movie -it has a lot of serious themes and moments; however the real star beyond these amazing women are the sets. Set in 1939 London, the art deco apartment where Amy lives is RAVISHING. I wish I could find more pictures. In a large 'modern' building for the time, she occupies a two story penthouse with large balconies accessed through a row of french doors. The sweeping staircase is perfect for grand entrances.In another scene, the backdrop is a reception room at the Savoy hotel for a lingerie fashion show. The clothes are really spectactular and are as interesting as the interiors and storyline. The wartime shortages weren't in effect yet in 1939 as evidenced here and by these movie stills! In the final scene, Amy Adams wears a BEAUTIFUL gold lame dress that could have been designed by Rami for 'project runway'!. You'll laugh, you'll cry - it's a MUST SEE!!

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