Old school glamour

Do you know what I miss? Glamour I'm talking 1930 -1940's movie glamour. We know that it's made a comback in interiors (hollywood regency, mirrored furniture, Miles Redd ) but what about in personal style? Even movie stars go to walmart in flipflops and baggy sweatpants. You never saw Grace Kelly or Fred Astaire go ANYWHERE in either of those items ( and I'm sure they'd prefer Target to Walmart anyway! ).
That is why I love Dita Von Tease. She may be the burlesque queen but she has STYLE in spades, even while stripping I'm sure. Just to prove my point, these are pictures of her out and about -some candid shots and some from special events. Total knock-out, knock-down GLAMOUR ( I'm not screaming, it just deserves all CAPS ). You just know she has a beautiful mirror-encrusted decadent bathroom ala. Miles Redd and a huge paneled walk in closet.

Maybe we don't all need to walk around totally 'done' -but no more grubbiness ok, take some time with your appearance! Life is too short to be so ugly!

If Dita is too old-fashioned for you - we'll always have Posh!

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