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the foyer -you know I love a foyer

There has been a lot of bashing in the blogosphere about Architectural Digest lately and it makes me sad. I understand the point of what bloggers are saying that the homes featured have no personality -but in my opinion it is because it's called ARCHITECTURAL digest for a reason. It's not called 'interior design homes'. The focus here is on the interior ARCHITECTURE ( right up my alley! ). I always think these are what the homes look like before being turned over to the owners.the library - BEAUTIFUL couches and love the mouldings!

To prove my point about how fabulous this magazine is and maybe sway some opinions here is a home featured in this month's issue, April 2008.

2 images of the living room -i love the tall ceilings, french doors and the mirrored console table!

This is a Neoclassical townhome in Belgravia neighborhood of London for a young couple ( who obviously have beaucoup bucks! ). Interior design by Grant White.
guestroom sitting area - can i visit??!! I love this fireplace, parsons desk and mirrored screens!
The interiors were restored and also brightened up considerably I'd imagine. How can you not LOVE this house??
the master bedroom -got me again with the beautifully mirrored nightstand and that coffee table! Sigh for a fireplace!

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