Beautiful House

In the May/June 2008 issue of Southern Accents is a diamond in the rough in the first few pages. Just a small article -but big on ideas, intelligence and STYLE. Coincidentally, this is oddly similar to my 'dream house' which I designed fully a few years ago and have been meaning to blog about at some point (or better yet build when my ship comes in).

The front facade

It's the really odd combination of modern and Palladian / neo-classicm that I love and that is so hard to find. Designed by Jeff Dungan in Birmingham for the designer, Richard Tubb, the house has a minimalist limestone facade and a mix of rustic wood and highly finished bronze...finishes. The best part, floor plans!

The interior was designed to be very open to allow for a lot of light; I especially love the interior balcony off the bedroom into the 2 story living room! the interior 'balcony' off the bedroom into the living room

I won't bore you with the pictures of the basement family room which features the generic 'industrial' style so popular now with developers but that could easily be 'fixed' to fit in more with the architecture of the building and detailed like the living room.

the 2 story living room - beautiful windows!

All pictures courtesy of southern accents and my scanner ;-)

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