The Pope

So, the pope is here in DC and the city is ABUZZ. I wasn't raised Catholic and have a hard time understanding the importance of the pope, other than being an international figure representing Catholicism. I admit, I do enjoy the pageantry of the catholic church! I find it odd that the United States (and DC in particular) can be so nonchalant about so many things and hold so very few things sacred ( marilyn sex tape, anyone?) and be so ANTI-organized religion and yet, when the pope comes to town everyone acts like it's the 2nd coming of Christ (sorry for the run on sentence there ) Calm down people........
I think because we have so few 'static' things in our country with presidential elections every 4 years, a new hollywood 'it' girl every week and a new scandal splashed across the newspapers daily; we yearn for this constancy in life. There will always be a pope, just as there will always be a queen in England ( dc went crazy when Queen elizabeth visited last year, too) . In this relatively young nation we celebrate the new but seem to yearn for things that are constant and never-changing. I think this echoes why we keep returning to traditional styles of architecture and interior design as well. With so much new going on around us and a constantly changing fashion, we need something steadfast to ground us.
So when the funny little popemobil passes me, I'll take a minute to watch the pope, but don't expect to see me bowing or doing the sign of the cross!

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