What do I think of this: Carlos Aparicio

Did you see last weeks New York Social Diary house entry HERE? It features Carlos Aparicio's New York apartment. He is an architect and collector of some VERY fine and VERY beautiful furniture by Jean Michel Frank and other masters of design. Looking through the pictures, every single piece is just amazing.
However, his home looks to be more of a museum and not very cozy; sort of cluttered and leggy. I've selected 2 of the 'better' photos to show here. He is a collector, I understand that - plus he has other homes and this acts more of a collection showroom and a hotel room for him in NY.
The tone of the article however........VERY disappointing. A negative and elitist man, he didn't have a positive thing to say about anyone or anything other than Latin America. While I agree with much of what he says, especially politically, this is someone I would NOT like have dinner with. How can someone with such obvious great taste be such a DRAG and Debbie Downer. He has a great eye though...I'll give him that. I'm interested in what all of you think though - was he overly negative or am I just being too sensitive? Also, for someone who talks about how UGLY new york is, maybe he should have a better photo to show what he really looks like.Comment, please!

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