Charlotte Moss

I love Charlotte Moss. I'm sure everyone else has seen her back courtyard of her house on the Upper East Side, but I hadn't till recently. At first I thought it was the courtyard of her 5 floor store, but it's not (I can't wait to finally get to NY to see her new store!) I came across it here in New York Magazine's home design section.

I love the symmetry of the overall design, the fireplace and that beautiful green painted Trellis. Green is the new black, people! That oversized lantern is FANTASTIC too and the windows on her house are really beautiful! That trellis'd area is such a cozy spot for dinner, drinks with friends or to enjoy the cool night air with a fire roaring! The whole backyard looks like from a townhouse in New Orleans, especially with those over-sized lanterns on the house.

One quote I loved from the article was that
"She’ll create a book of photographs for clients using their silver, china, and crystal arranged in different table settings, so they’re not afraid of their own belongings. Too many people fear entertaining, she says, “because they’re not ready. I do this for clients all the time. I love it. It’s the detail part.”"

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