Quote of the week

Ok - so maybe just this one quote and NOT every week but this one from the CAH-RAHZY and always entertaining Karl Lagerfeld made my day!

'I think her pants are poorly cut' - thank you, that is awesome.....see who he is talking about at the end of the clip ONLINE

I wanted to find a picture of him and there were so many ENTERTAINING ones to chose from that I thought I'd do a little slideshow :-) yes -not only does he WORK at Chanel -he's also trying to LOOK like Chanel (may she rest in peace) ok -so is this a cologen job gone wrong with his lips? something is NOT RIGHT there.....
ummmm the tip-less GLOVES? the rainbow? all the 'angels' behind him? Is he a new superhero? me thinks his name would be 'supergay!' the exclamation point is part of the namebefore his reinvention -he was even more...ummmm.......strange and ladylike - but PRETTY, right? I wonder what shade that lipgloss is -and who does his eyebrows? Where is the moo-moo from and is that a big food stain on his chest or the light reflecting? That is why I don't eat with chopsticks, thank you very much, I don't like the pad thai stains on my moo-moo.

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