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I love WilliamSonoma home - I anticipate the seasonal catalogs from them like it's 'World of Interiors' , 'Domino' , 'Elle Decor' or some other publication! Check out these beautiful nickel and glass trays. I am so resisting getting the rectangular tray for my coffee table! It would be SO BEAUTIFUL THERE!!!!
The Presidio bed, alone in leather and in a room setting

I especially love their Presidio collection of furniture. I hate when everything is matchy matchy -but I really love each piece so much. I want the bed, the chair, the couch and the settee/daybed! I guess you could always mix and match velvet and leather, etc. I love the clean and classic lines of them -they're very architectural!
However there is one thing in the catalog I can't find on their website or in the print version. In this photo below you see that basket beside the couch with all the 'architectural digests' in it? (yes, my eyes are that good). I would love that beside my couch with all my 'world of interiors' in it that are curerntly hiding in the recesses of my bookcase. Anyone have any idea where to find a storage container that shape and size?? I just may break down and buy it!
I went to the william sonoma home store in Portland, oregon every day I was there just to hang out! I got some great silver mint julip vases/cups there as well as a suede edged cashmere blanket! DC really needs one of these stores!! Are you listening, WS home? I would SOOO work at you part-time!

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