Georgetown continued

Since it was a lovely day, I decided to take a short little walk and show you more of Georgetown, DC's most charming neighborhood. We'll start here at the 'heart' of Georgetown - the gold dome in the distance (my bank!) is at the major intersection of M street (the commercial and tourist street) and Wisconsin Ave (the street you see here with smaller stores and more local traffic). This is a sort of typical street scene on the side streets (which are numbered). The houses are smaller and lower to the ground (without the english basement apartment) on a tree lined street.
This represents one of the 'cream of the crop' of townhouses here in Georgetown located on the lettered main streets (dc is a grid - numbers running north and south and letters running east and west). An older federal townhouse with a newer addition from the 20th century probably containing a grand entertaining space and a COVETED garage. If you have a garage in Georgetown, you are extremely lucky!
Another larger townhouse on a Lettered street. This one is one of the few townhouses turned into apartments.
A pretty front garden.Another pretty side street with smaller houses. Trees make every street more welcoming, don't they?A welcoming front stoop, I love geraniums!
One of the buildings along the canal - great stonework detail -this corbel is HUGE!
This interesting old stone building has been rehabbed and has a great modern addition on the top. This is the showroom for an ID we're using on one of my projects.
This is a new 'loft' condo building facing the canal. I wish I could live here!!
It's huge!! One of the penthouses is currently selling for $10 million, a bit out of my price range (rolls eyes). Some of the units have views of the potomac river while others face the canal here.This is the opposite side and view from the condos. Beautiful! That is Cady's alley on the right which houses a lot of designer showrooms.I love this little building -it houses an architectural firm. It's built right into that wall!

Lots of terraces to add greenery.

This concludes your tour - you are back where we started yesterday!

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