Hair salon

I've been following the building of a new hair salon in Australia by Scott Weston over at desire to inpsire that is a twist on a traditional french 'salon' and it was just such a cool place I had to share it with you all here, just in case you missed it! Scott says he was inspired by Marie Antoinette -I can approve of that! The space looks like it is in a very modern building and has a twisted simplification of traditional french details. The main cutting room. A closeup of the corner chair. The boiserie is printed on paper and mounted to the wall! Even the chairs are stylized! I'm not sure how those curtains will hold up with all the hairspray in the air! I hope they're synthetic!The table for each stylist is clever as well. Notice the outlet hidden on the side! I assume the cupcakes are only for the opening party: They would get pretty hairy! I love details like these painted drawer interiors! Notice: same color as the draperies! It all ties together thoughtfully.
I think this is the entry hallway and waiting area below. Very modern in contrast to the 'traditional'. I would LOVE to get my haircut someplace like this - Australia is just a bit too far though :-(

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