Mix n Match

Remember last week when the china of the week was a pattern named Harebell by Coalport? Well, a reader was selling a service of 12 on ebay as fate would have it -she offered me a great deal I couldn't refuse! HIP HIP HORRAY!After getting over the initial thrill of my new purchase, I started to think about how I could use it. The pattern is beautiful but very strong: I need to mix it with some more sedate pieces. Quickly I realized this is harder to do than I thought! I have a small service of monogrammed haviland limoge pieces that you see above, the blue is just a LITTLE off and the gold is a little harsh, but the whites match and it's not AWFUL.
It works a bit better when you use the dinner plate -you can appreciate the Harebell pattern more. I also was disappointed that I couldn't use much of my white china: the whites clash! They all inevitably appeared gray against the brilliant white of the Coalport (gray and CHEAP - like dirty teeth). My rosenthal sansoucci - BAD!This minton underplate from my dinner last week goes PERFECTLY(but of course I don't have a service for 12 in it!).
This picture is just because I was proud of my creative storage! I have a VERY small apartment -where would I put all this china? Well, as luck would have it, the entire set (with the exception of 3 teacups) fits PERFECTLY in my dishwasher that I never use! PERFECT STORAGE! Also, this is very easy access so I can use it often! Fashionista's store extra clothes in their empty kitchens, bibliophiles store books but I store my china in my dishwasher! VOILA!
I should explain that I never use my dishwasher because A. I love to wash dishes, it's relaxing. B. much of my china isn't dishwasher safe and C. I simply need the storage!

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