speaking of baths: can't live without!

I always love to hear people's favs and try new things. My favorite part of any magazine is a section of people's '10 things I can't live without'. I love to then try out the new products! What do you have in your bath that you can't live without?
I love my daily shower: I am not a morning person and this really wakes me up and gives me energy till I get my first cup of tea and breakfast. This is a picture of my shower musts (taken in my shower this morning, we're getting personal here on architectdesign!)
I use Kiehl's amino acid shampoo -I love it. light, non greasy, great light scent - I follow up with kiehl's conditioner 133 -a great basic conditioner for people with dry hair like me. Doesn't leave any residue and leaves my hair soft (without a lot of fragrance!).
In warmer weather I use bath and body works coconut lime verbena bodywash -it reminds me so much of the beach and suntan lotion! The scent brings me to the beach everytime I use it. In the winter I use a St. Ives moisturizing body wash because of my dry skin- these are both inexpensive, smell great and work great.
I use a biore facewash -also inexpensive and does a great job. It has eucalyptus or something in it and tingles and smells great. I've used this since high school when a dermotologist recommended it. I decant it into this stainless steel container because I hate the ugly packaging it comes in. The last thing I want to see in the morning is an ugly package. I like a nice clean and simple presentation for my product, don't you?
Now tell me -what products do you use and love????

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