Charlotte Moss Townhouse

While in New york, I was able to go to the Charlotte Moss townhouse before it closed. I think I missed it in its prime -but it still housed a lot of beautiful things (at EXORBITANT prices!). Many things were on sale however and I was able to snatch up this great little carafe for beside my bed with an inspirational quote by Fleur Cowles 'I wake up expecting things'.
This is my nightstand - I've affectionately named him 'Jeeves'. The store is on a beautiful block off the park on the Upper East side - this beautiful townhouse was across the street.This shows the townhouse in context with its neighbors. Many of the store displays have been dismantled but there is still lots to see! On the 2nd fl I was excited to see beautiful china piled high on this table -and 50% off! However -as the teacups themselves ranged from $300 - $12,000 (yes you read that right) -they were a bit out of my price range. Still so wonderful to browse!This room on the 3rd floor was crowded with beautiful lamps. Many were vases or candlesticks converted into lamps. I adored these cobalt wedgewood candlestick lamps, but $1700 seemed a bit high.You could buy some yourself on ebay or at an auction and convert them yourselves very cheaply. These would be so beautiful on a nightstand, a hall table or even on your breakfast or dining room table! Go check out the store before it's too late!

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