Halloween Tombstones

After reading my post on a cemetery in Pittsburgh, a reader sent a halloween project to me that he's had for the past 4 years in front of his house for the holiday. I really loved this idea! He made the tombstones out of rigid foam, using a hot wire, a whole lot of utility blades, and sandpaper. The epitaphs are painted in "Wildfire" paint that only shows in black light and glows in the dark. Wouldn't this make for a spooky entry for your trick or treaters?I love the architectural shapes that he chose, plus they have really beautiful intricate details! They are reminiscent of real tombstone heads that you see littering 150 yr old graveyards. Below you can see some of them in the daylight. As the epitaphs are painted in glow in the dark paint, you only see the actual form of the tombstones. Not as spooky in the light, huh? Don't they look like real stone!

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