Hillwood greenhouse

Tired of Hillwood yet? I promise this is the last post! The big draw at Hillwood are the gardens as I mentioned yesterday, but both outside AND indoors. I featured the Japanese garden yesterday, but the entire house is full of fresh flowers year round thanks to their very own greenhouse seen above! There are people preparing fresh arrangements everyday for each room of the house the same as when Marjorie was in residence. What a fun job!
While only the front portion of the greenhouse is open to the public, the rest of the greenhouse features 100s of varieties of flowers for cutting and placing in elaborate arrangements. The front of the greenhouse which I have pictured here had orchids of every shape, size and color. It features 3 large seperate rooms with many more closed to the public.
One way to fit in even more plants - hang them from the ceiling!
So many pretty colors!

They were categorized by type - I can appreciate the organization!
Those yellow frilly ones really remind me of an Easter bonnet!

Ok I promise that is the end of my pictures of Hillwood! Back to our regularly scheduled postings tomorrow :-)

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