Glam Glam Glam

There has been a lot of talk lately about fashion designer Randolph Duke's house sale. Designer to the stars and also to midwestern housewives thanks to the home shopping network, he has obviously done well for himself. It's a modernist dream floating over LA but with an unexpected interior thats a mix of styles but with one continuous thing going for it -GLAMOUR
To hold up to that view though, the interiors would have to be totally over the top, don't you agree? It feels like an updated 70s playboy dreamhouse to me in a good way. The existing houses didn't take advantage of the view so they were torn down to make way for this mansion.
This dining room is so totally GORGEOUS. I love this parsonesque table paired with various antique chairs -in a mix of fabrics even! That bench seems pretty churchy though, right? At least a gothic, high-victorian style that reminds me of church.
Who wants to watch tv with that view?? Why do they always put on the weather channel for real estate pictures? These are the big questions I have. I love the white upholstery -but whats up with the stone crosses on the right? Yet another church reference?
I think this view of the living room is a really great image to get an understanding of the living room. I'm a fan of the big mirrors which open up that wall and reflect the view and the light - I love the open daybeds, great for parties and accomodating different seating arrangements. Just to state the obvious though, this is NOT a child friendly house! check out that open stair -and the lack of railing down the cliff on the terrace (which would block the view)
Here is the very supernaturally preserved Randolph Duke. Apparently HSN treats a designer well! Can you believe he's 50?? I hope I look 1/2 that good at that age (or is this photoshop? thoughts?). I mean seriously -is this not totally perfect? But what are those little rock sculptures? Cannons from the civil war? I could do without those
Another view of the living room. I'd hate to think how we're supposed to clean that white rug. And why is there ANOTHER cross on the coffee table? All of this can be yours for only $8.25 MILLION clams - let me know if you buy it, I want to come stay for the weekend!
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