Petit Trianon

The most popular blog post I ever wrote were my 2 postings on the Petit Trianon (see them here and here). While famous, very little information is out there about this little neoclassical gem which was the last haven of Marie Antoinette (a new photography book called Marie Antointte and the last garden of Versailles by Duvernois and Halard is out but I haven't seen it yet). I must get at least an email or two per week asking for scans of the floor plans and elevations from my rare book from 1913 which includes all the drawings imaginable and I am happy to share!
However, rarely do I hear back from these recipients. Last week I heard from Maria Vassiliou, Dan Smith, Isabelle Meadows and Gina Bayliss from Nottingham Trent University, UK who had constructed a fast model of the exterior of the Petit Trianon.
I was so happy to see the final product! They created a pretty detailed model of the small chateau out of Chipboard (oh the days of architecture school models...I remember them well!). One of the reasons I started blogging were these connections with other design-minded inviduals. I hope you all enjoy seeing their product as much as I do!

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