Seura magic tvs!

Recently while doing some research at work I came across Seura tv's. They're the company that makes those bathroom mirrors that have little tv screens hidden in them. Well - apparently they also do full size mirrored tvs too!
While the picture quality probably won't be winning any awards, I think this is such a great idea for a secondary tv, dont' you? I love the look of the tv above. Beveled edge even on the mirror! I could see one of these with a big chunky antique frame. It would be great if they came in an antiqued mirror finish, but that may be asking too much.please ignore the ugly room, but here you see the tv in action. Not theater quality but not bad!
Maybe in the living room? They really do look like mirrors! I think in my dream house I'd have one over a fireplace in the living room (as my prefered tv watching location is in bed!). What do you think of them?
Pics courtesy of Seura, see their Website

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