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Last week I posted some photographs of a new modern condo building here in DC that had just gone up and it wasn't everyone's cup of tea. A few blocks away is a more traditional condo building that you might appreciate: 2501 Pennsylvania Ave.Originally an abandoned building ( the corner building seen above ) - 2 adjacent structures were built attached in different styles which helps the entire building seem smaller. I like this approach to city scale. No more city-block sized monster buildings!
Facing Pennsylvania Avenue is the more luxurious, neoclassic part of the building seen in the first picture. I love the limestone faced facade - very grand and beautiful. The penthouse units seem to have terraces, which is a great idea -you can see a close up above.
The original portion was fully restored and the entrance used for the entire newer building. The added tower helps to make the entrance more prominent. I wonder whats inside the tower room?
The 3rd part of the building faces a smaller side street and houses the entrance to the garage and is a lot simpler, but still very traditional; quietly grand.I like how they kept the stone base and used brick above. I think the architect did a great job making these buildings look like the evolution of the city, don't you agree? I think this units are super upscale and way out of my price range, but hopefully there will be a general open house and I can check them out! I'll be sure to share with you if I get to go inside!
The development has a website HERE with great pictures and floor plans. Check it out!

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