a modern approach

If you live in DC, chances are you live in a tradition style home. Strict neighborhood associations prevent much alteration in the best neighborhoods so you're required to live in a historical setting (for tourism reasons, maybe? I really enjoy a more eclectic environment myself). Recently however, I came upon a house in Georgetown that really felt like a great concession between traditional and modern design. A few quick little updates and this typical DC rowhouse gets a modern edge.No major exterior renovation appears to have happened (probably not allowed by local associations!) but the application of bright white paint over the brick and painting the windows black with grey trim keeps things looking more modern, don't you think? Even the very linear bushes seem updated, as do the replaced light fixtures. Most people overlook their window blinds but they're so important to the exterior of the house! Here, clean and uniform blinds lend a very contemporary look (no crooked curtains or askance mini blinds!) You can even see a very modern chandelier shining through the window in the rear bay. I love this mix of the old and new!
Sorry peeking Toms, I've been a good neighbor and photoshopped the street address out of the photos!

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