A white elephant

This past weekend I took a fast trip up to Baltimore and was able to stop by the Bookthing, the 'free' bookstore that Meg at Pigtown is always raving about! One of the many treasures I picked up was an October 1985 copy of House Beautiful magazine which a startling up-to-date project featured. I always love these vintage magazines! Mostly I like to look at how things have become 'dated' (to see what types of mistakes to avoid in the future) but once in awhile a project comes along that is truly timeless.The project was a 'white elephant' which had been turned into a duplex in New Orleans. The interiors were done by Ann Holden and Ann Dupuy, of antique store fame, while the remodel was masterminded by the architect Barry Fox. I love the high gl0ss finishes in the dining room above.Even though this project was completed 25 years ago, I could see this being totally liveable today, don't you? I normally like carpeting to soften a room, but in a hot climate I can imagine it's much cooler without. I love the dining and living rooms and the bedroom looks like a cozy beach retreat! Also, another thing I loved was that Martha Stewart made the cover! A star even in 1985....

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