My favorite housewares store I have ever visited is Flamant - numerous locations throughout Paris.

I could move right in - literally! The entire store is set up as vignettes in a home.
I bought some amazing candlesticks here that I will share soon with a tablesetting :-)
The great thing about Europe - lit candles in stores! Everywhere! Shopping by candlelight -what could be more charming?
I loved this desk.
And a La Cornue stove -my dream!
Red and Grey, black and white tended to be the color schemes -with a lot of natural light woods and linen.
People just made themselves at home.
Which is better, the chair or the bookcase? I'll take both, please.
Loved these dark walls with the natural oak flooring.
Doesn't this look like someone's apartment?
I just loved this little desk back in the nook.
Heather will hate the comparison (I had one for every store we went into), but I think this store is like a much larger William Sonoma Home. I love that store too (and we need one in DC!)
They have the lighting down. It's all about the lighting.
See why I love it yet?
Visit Flamant if you ever get a chance. You won't walk away empty handed!

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