Quai Voltaire

The Quai Voltaire, facing the Louvre along the Seine, has long been where the famous (and infamous!) have hung their hats. The location, view and lovely buildings make it easy to see why!While just 2 blocks from our first hotel (which Heather talks about here), it's a far chicer address! My favorite building was the small townhouse nestled in between the larger apartment buildings. What a cute house!You can see it has balconies facing the Seine and the Louvre across it, seen below.I only wonder about the tourist boats with floodlights which crowd this area of the Seine late at night. If you live here have your black out blinds ready! Great examples of all different styles of Parisian architecture.
And of course, this area is full of AMAZING shops -this one in particular caught my eye.Why bother going to the Louvre across the bridge here when you can see amazing items like this in the shop window!These bike stops were all over Paris. This location is ideal to pick up a bike after a visit to the Louvre and the Quai Voltaire!

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