Colored lites

I've been helping my friend Maxine put her new townhouse together which has been a lot of fun!She loves color and since the walls were freshly painted a nice neutral beige I had the problem of where to inject it. She favors a clean, architectural style so colored window treatments were out of the question. I chose some basic interior white wood shutters instead and was inspired by Victorian stained glass.The house is brand new and so new custom windows were out of the question (and budget!), but the mullions in the top pane were perfect to introduce squares of 'art glass'.
We found some professional grade window film online and after some trial and error (apply the films to WET glass!) and some thought as to arranging the 6 different colors here are the results! We're so pleased!These small details really bring the whole house to life! The top 3 images are of the living room while the bottom images are of the master bedroom above. Proof that inspiration from the past can affect our homes today in 'modern' applications.

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