Love Letters

"A boy is holding a girl so very tight in his arms tonight..... A girl knows that not anybody or anything can seperate WE - not even the stars - and that WE belong to each other for ever. WE love each other more than life so God bless WE. Your David"

Written from Edward, Prince of Wales, to Wallis Simpson on July 23, 1935 at 1:00 AM aboard the HMS Faulknor. Possibly THE greatest love story of the 20th century. 6 months later, days before becoming king upon his father's death, Edward's thoughts were only of Wallis as he wrote from his fathers deathbed:

"My own Sweetheart, Just a line to say I love you more and more and need you so to be with me at this difficult time. There is no hope whats-soever for the King it's only a matter of how long..... You are all and everything I have in life and WE must hold each other so tight. It will all work out right for us. God bless WE. Your David"

And it did, sort of. The top photo is a 1930s piece of Minton I have on my coffee table with some Valentine's day themed red candies as my gift to you! It reminds me of something Syrie Maugham might have used when she decorated Wallis's flat (and her second husband, Ernest Aldrich Simpson). This is where Wallis would come to entertain and become close to Edward, Prince of Wales. I hope everyone has their own great romance come true: Happy Valentine's Day!

quotes from "Wallis and Edward, letters 1931-1937" Edited by Michael Bloch

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