Petit Trianon: Salon

The main salon at the Petit Trianon is probably the most often seen space and the largest: You can see it in the floor plan below in blue.
The upholstery and curtains are a very deep dark pink, practically crimson, which like elsewhere, contrast nicely with the light green and white painted boiseries.
The room is outfitted with a suite of musical instruments from the time period. If you've seen Sofia Coppola's movie, Marie Antoinette, you may recognize them.
The elegant gilded bronze work continues as do the Parquet de Versailles flooring. You can see the beautiful light the room receives, I took these pictures in the late afternoon.
Oops, a burnt out bulb! I guess this wouldn't have been a problem back in Marie Antoinette's time! Maybe on a windy day a blown out candle or two....
You'll notice the literal use of lily in the boiseries. I've never seen a fleur de lis depiected with actual lilys before! It is of course the symbol of the French Monarchy and makes perfect sense here.
These elegant armchairs are stylishly upholstered with sumptuously embroidered silk. I hope you enjoyed exploring this beautiful room!

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