Making a grand entrance

UPDATE: The architects were Porter, Lochie and Chatelain, and the entrance is by John Joseph Earley an amazing local architect and concrete artisan. Thanks to Neil in Australia for this information!!Driving up 16th street this weekend in tight traffic, I had time to appreciate the beautiful buildings which line the road which ends at the south with the White House. One of these many buildings was the Scottish Rite Temple of DC. Less renowned than their House of the temple by the famous John Russell Pope just down the street, I think this building also merits some attention. The copper and enamel entablature over the front door is really extraordinary, making it one of the most colorful buildings here in the district. I think congratulations are in order for keeping palm trees alive through our harsh winter or in this climate at all for that matter. If anyone has any information about this building, I would love to know more about the artist who created this doorway.

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