Filoli Library

The walnut paneled library at Filoli was the favorite of everyone on the tour, including our guide! The room is a copy of the library at Denham Place, England and was purchased before the house was even built by Mr Bourn. The intricate carvings depict roses, tulips, and daisies intertwined with leaves.I think the reason it remains so popular is it feels the most like a home; it's personal. The room is littered with family portraits including this sketch by Sargent on the wall, above. Also, there is just something about a room filled with books, don't you think? I believe the saying "never trust anyone who doesn't have books in their house". The Isfahan patterned carpet in the room has a vivid history. It formerly lived at Osborne House, on the Isle of Wight, after having been woven in Agra, India especially for Queen Victoria. It is one of the items original to the house, having been purchased by the Bourns.
I imagine many happy hours were spent on this sofa in front of the fireplace, curled up with a teatray and a stack of books. Thats where I'd be!

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