A timeworn beauty

One of the best ways to explore any city is to wander around. While in San Francisco and heading to Grant Gibson's apartment (where he was kind enough to throw me a little birthday brunch for a group of bloggy friends that you can read about over at katiedid; thanks again!!) I decided to waste a morning and walk. Along the way I came across this beautiful old house with a lovely worn patina. I love this freize along the cornice.
Not to mention an amazing view. One of THE views in a city of views; Notice Alcatraz in the background. All I could concentrate on though was this house and the similarities to the Petit Trianon.
Built of sandstone (or some other soft facing) the facade is slowly wearing away. At some point an attempt at stopping this had been made by painting the stone but even the paint is now peeling. The house might not be around for another 100 years but it will be lovely in the meantime.
The property is huge, with an enormous backyard facing the bay built over a garage with entry from the rear, seen here. A much later addition, this was faced with marble and is wearing much better.
And who lives here? Well according to my sources, none other than Danielle Steele! The house certainly is fittingly romantic.

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