The Fairmont, San Francisco

While in California earlier this summer, one of the hotels I stayed in in San Francisco was the beautiful and historic Fairmont.
Located at the top of Nob Hill, a VERY tall hill, it requires a little bit of work on foot (trust me). However, once there, the climb was worthwhile with spectacular views in every direction.
The lobby is one of those grand old lobbies that you automatically think of when you hear 'city hotel'. It's right out of an old movie: a glamorous place to have a drink or meet friends.
While the hotel opened in 1907 after a devastating earthquake, all of this heavy marble really did make me a bit nervous. After more than 100 years though, I guess we're safe!
One of my vivid memories from the trip was getting dressed up for the symphony and walking through this hallway on my way out of the hotel. It's all so over the top but in a good way!
While we didn't eat in the restaurant, it seemed like a really lovely place for breakfast or lunch. It's right in the heart of the hotel but had spectacular lighting which made it feel like continual sunshine.
A detail of the restaurant -check out that ceiling!
The walls have a beautiful mural and I'm always a sucker for white tableclothes.
The hotel has obviously been renovated many times over the years, but some great old details still exist, like this curved marble staircase from the restaurant down to all of the ballrooms and the famous Tonga Room!
The large ballroom had these great old shell sconces; love their dramatic flair!
Throughout the many hallways were beautiful gilded marble tables and beautiful mirrors: this especially large one was outside the main ballroom.
Near the ballroom on one of the lower levels is the famous Tonga room. The legendary space opened as a bar in 1945 but originally began as an indoor pool in 1929 which opened with an official dive by actress Helen Hayes!
It was sadly closed on the days we stayed in the hotel, but I managed to sneak in for a peak!How I would have loved to eat here!The floors above are also nicely decorated with some interesting chinoiserie art, this piece faced the door to our room.Also loved these fabulous mirrors at the end of the hallways. The hotel is really immense, it was a bit of a hike from the elevator.The room was basic but comfortable; light filled and cheerful.None of the furniture was quite standard issue.And just to part, the closet was immense - probably the size of my apartment here in DC! Seriously, you could have fit a double bed in here with room to spare, the picture doesn't quite capture that. My 3 shirts hanging there sure do look lonely though!
If you find yourself in San Francisco, I highly recommend the Fairmont!

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