Cabin fever

I spent the past weekend in a blissfully remote cabin in West Virginia. The scenery was so stunning I had to share it with you all!
As we were up in the mountains, fall is nearly over and the air is crisp with the anticipation of winter. I just love the crunch of the leaves beneath your feet and the smell of camp fires.
These are the views from the cabin where I spent most of my time napping; in between reading and munching on peanut m&m's with cups of tea for good measure!
You never know what you'll find down a lonely country road.
Unfortunately the weather was a bit chilly to be using the screen porch but the fireplace inside saw a lot of action!
We didn't even need to use the dinner bell, no one wandered very far.
Next time, we'll leave the light on for you! Tomorrow, back to much more glamorous locations in Barcelona.

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