Katie Ridder Rooms

Have you seen the new book, Katie Ridder Rooms? If not, I suggest you pick up a copy because it's one of the best design books out this season!

Katie knows color and texture. In my mind, these are things that make a house a home and the book is filled with luscious examples. I love the blue and red combination seen above.Probably the best part, for me as an architect, were the numerous examples of kitchens and baths. We're always looking for inspiration in these departments!Something as simple as a patterned backsplash in this vintage looking kitchen makes a world of difference.In this bath, a morrocan inspired tile is used to create a beautiful line at the top of the wainscot: so easy to replicate at home. Again we see a lot of blue which is surely Katie's favorite color (and mine as well!).What I love most about Katie's work is that it is unabashedly pretty and comfortable; nothing overly precious. They're simply delightful spaces which I'm sure thrill the occupants day in and day out. Isn't that what design should be all about?

Book written by Heather Smith MacIsaac with beautiful photography by Eric Piasecki.

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