Nemours Garage

Of course, a showplace estate such as Nemours must have an outstanding garage. What self respecting industrialist wouldn't have the latest gadgets of the day? The garage matches the grandness of the house but with simpler materials; Stucco, painted wooden treillage and a clay tile roof hold delightful copper dormers.

The second floor held a large apartment and offices for the chauffeur and his family while the first floor contained the estate's collection of vehicles as well as repair and machine shops.Five car bays (plus entrance ends) now hold 5 automobiles, a pony carriage and motorboat once owned by Dupont and his wife.The interior is simple and of its' time: textured plaster walls, simple woodwork and tile floors.The entry hall holds the original telephoneAs well as the machine shop to which Alfred Dupont escaped to tinker.Dupont's taxidermy collection from his hunts once graced the main hall of the mansion, but Jessie Ball, upon moving in after their marriage had them moved out to the garage. An early 20th century example of the man cave?
The center doors have a graceful arch while the 4 flanking garage doors, while massive in size, are less monumental.

Admittedly I don't know much about cars but I certainly appreciate their style.Dupont would only buy American made cars and drove this Pontiac for many years until his death.At this time, Jessie went out and purchased a British made Rolls Royce (Silver Cloud no less!)All of the cars are in mint, working order and still are driven around the estate.Why don't more cars today have hood ornaments?Two of the cars were so beloved by the Duponts that they had their bodies transplanted onto new cadillac engine beds. I had never heard of that before!The sides of this green car had an interesting woven texture.The oldest car featured a true 'lantern' as headlight.And they're called 'trunks' for a reason!Also in the collection is a wooden motor launch which would ferry the Dupont's guests across the Little Choptank River to their nearby country estate. Now this is a collection I can appreciate!

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