An Artful Home

One of my personal pet peeves is when people refer to a 'house' as a 'home' (are you listening to me, house-hunters?). There is a time and a place for both words but often, home is overused. The main difference is that 'home' is a feeling while house is a physical place or object. When talking about design, I always refer to a 'house'. That aside, one of the ways to turn a house into a home is through personalization; In this case, the use of a metal work artist to turn functional bars into pieces of art, giving the house an artful character. This isn't something you see everyday and the homeowner obviously put a lot of thought and expense into this detail. Located in the garden is this lovely old concrete bench covered in lichens -another artful addition. What have you done with your own house to make it your home?

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