Darryl Carter: inside look

This past weekend I finally had the chance to tour Darryl Carter's new store and studio here in DC that everyone has been raving over.
 The discrete facade in an up and coming neighborhood, Shaw, belies the large amazing space within. Only a small "Darryl Carter" logo in red on the front windows alerts the visitor that they are in fact in the right place!
One can see why Darryl chose the space for his shop: the beautiful industrial spaces are old, worn, and interesting; the perfect contrast to his quirky but beautiful antiques and custom designed pieces.
 This imposing antique lion greets you as you enter.
The first floor features a lot of smaller items by local artisans such as pottery, dishes, glassware, and art pieces. I loved this old stone urn!
The second floor is large and covers his furnishings, antiques, and a lot of other unusual finds.  Copies of his amazing book are to be found scattered throughout the shop.
 At the rear of the 2nd floor, fabric samples are housed in orderly fashion in industrial metal baskets.
 Stunning intaglios by yet another artist line the stairwell.
Everywhere you look are fascinating objects: both found and antique. This chinoiserie dressing mirror picks up the shelving on the wall opposite.
I always associate this type of striped menswear upholstery with Darryl but this was the only example I could find in the shop!
 Taxidermy is to be found throughout the shop as well as cowhide and zebra skin rugs.
Most of the lighting comes from Darryl's collection for the Urban Electric Company. I especially loved these sconces lighting the stairways.
The Attic space is the most beautiful and gets amazing light through old skylights and dormer windows. Darryl originally intended this to be his personal office but the store got larger than anticipated!
 Imagine taking your phone calls on this comfortable daybed everyday.
I was amazed at the breadth of items that is carried by the store - everything including the kitchen sink!
Behind the shop is a private courtyard, perfect for parties. The lines of this old mattress make for an interesting art installation.
Located in the former garage is the design studio where his staff works and client meetings are held. I loved these metal and glass doors.
The wood paneled space is painted Darryl's favorite color by Benjamin Moore, Bonifant White, which visually expands the space. Even the staplers and tape dispensers on the desks were white! The color is from his line at Benjamin Moore where you can get his look for your own home.

Anchoring the work space is a closet with amazing antique hardware. Antique door hardware is to be found throughout the shop on all of the doors - no detail overlooked - don't miss it!
Darryl's shop is located at 1320 9th St. NW, in Shaw, across the street from the convention center. I encourage you all to visit!
Photos taken with my underwhelming iphone - visit the shop to see everything in greater detail!

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