A vacation in Maine

As I mentioned I just returned from a vacation partly spent in southern Maine visiting dear friends. I wanted to share with you some of the highlights in case you decide to visit Maine yourself (I highly recommend it!).
It wouldn't be a vacation for me without 2 things: house museums and antique stores. Luckily Maine hosted an abundance of each!
The first picture shows gorgeous Hamilton House, an 18th century house museum located in South Berwick, Maine. Famous for its early 20th century gardens and quirky collections we unfortunately visited on a rainy day. All the better to enjoy the house and gardens all to ourselves!
 Two of the most amazing antique stores I have ever visited were located along Route 1, R. Jorgensen and MacDougall-Gionet (respectively in the above photos).  Be sure to check out the fascinating blog on R. Jorgensen's website; I'll be doing a further post on my trip there soon.  I wish I had purchased the Neoclassical French sidechair shown at MacDougall-Gionets!
Of course just driving along Routes 1 and 1a shows one some of the most breathtaking scenery in the country as well as beautiful historic houses and sites.
A visit to world famous Stonewall Kitchen in York was at the very top of my list - I'll be fully stocked on jams and condiments for the year to come (favorites are the Pink Grapefruit marmalade and Major Grey's chutney)!
A drive past the Ogunquit Playhouse was exciting as well, after all of the stories one hears. However their choice of performer during our time there was a bit questionable. Needless to say we didn't stop in.
I highly encourage you to visit the southern coast of Maine (such an easy trip from Boston) and come back to see more in-depth posts on some of my favorite activities! What did you do this summer?

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