Fifth Avenue Style: Book review

If God is in the details Howard Slatkin, interior designer and author of Fifth Avenue Style, is surely a saint. Reading his book is a glimpse into a wonderful fantasy achieved in only 3 years in his New York Pied-a-terre. At first glance I assumed the renovation took place over 20 years.
Approach-ably written the interior photography by Tria Giovan is also breathtaking beautiful. In each scene the room is set as if for a party to which you were lucky enough to be invited. While this over the top maximalism isn't for everyone granted, even the most ardent minimalist can learn something from Slatkin's approach to detail.
No detail is overlooked, both in the apartment and in his daily life it would seem. My favorite image is a lunch for two at a small table set up overlooking the park, similar to the lunch HabituallyChic was lucky enough to have in this same spot! Don't miss her post on her visit. Also don't miss the video tour of Slatkin's apartment at Quintessence.
Slatkin charmingly walks you through the process of finding the apartment and the entire gut renovation and planning stage. I always appreciate a floorplan and the book includes them at different stages of work.
Notice above the wallpaper wrapping the door and even the interesting but different door knobs on each side. Nothing was left to chance. Really, isn't that how the best interiors succeed?
The most talked about space in the whole apartment, oddly enough, is Slatkin's closet. I suppose one might call it a dressing room given its grandness. Custom designed door pulls,  marquetry paneling, antiques - would you even want to leave after getting dressed?
Don't miss Fifth Avenue Style printed by Vendome Press no matter your stylistic leanings. And be sure to remove the dust jacket to see the beautiful cover (first image).
All images courtesy of Vendome Press and Tria Giovan

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