My latest finds!

This past weekend was terribly busy with lots of events including the 2 fun neighborhood House Tours I wrote about last week. Was nice to see some of you there! However, I still managed to get in an amazing estate sale in my own neighborhood of Cleveland Park. I hope I'm not boring you with my weekly posts of my found treasures for my still relatively 'new' condo but they're really fun for me!
My apartment is quickly becoming a wayward home for stray chairs and tables. I can't turn a good one down! I found this interesting vintage Baker furniture tea-height side table with Queen Anne styled legs but also some art deco influences that I placed in my dining room window. The floorlamp to the right was another find and one that came together nicely. The John Robshaw lampshade was found at an estate sale LAST week and the lamp finial from a 3rd estate sale last month (for a grand total of $35 in its entirety)!  I love how the floorlamp matches the antique tablelamp I got on Thomas Jaynes OneKingLane's sale seen on the table. The floorlamp will live in my bedroom next to last week's chair find!
These intriguing floral pieces stand about 4" tall each and are carved entirely out of antique ivory which was then stained and painted. They aren't something I would ordinarily be drawn to but the craftsmanship is so amazing!
I love collecting small finds like hotel ashtrays (no I don't smoke!) and they can normally be had for under a dollar. They come in handy for lots of other things after a good scrub.
These miniature brass candlesticks were really a fun find -you can see here where I had already polished the stick on the right. They're sized for birthday candles (give or take).  I debated polishing them but thought it would be a good way to clean them up. This summer I had a conversation with my good friend JCB about antique brass and how originally they were MEANT to shine and be rather 'bling'y on a tabletop to reflect the light.
One can always use another picture frame. This 8x10 wood frame with tiny gilt detailing cleaned up nicely after getting off years of smoke and grime!
This last piece took me awhile to figure out what it was but the lady running the estate sale filled me in - it's a strawberry dessert basket. Made of white porcelain for Tiffany & Co - the basket holds strawberries with cream in the small pitcher and sugar in the bowl. What fun finds; you never know what you'll find at an estate sale!

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