The most beautiful stair in Washington: Lutyen's British Embassy

My favorite part of the tour of the British embassy was seeing the small private stair which leads from the public rooms to the private spaces of the residence; this is probably the most beautiful stair I've seen in DC.
 Lutyens took particular care with his staircases as he enjoyed the drama and panache they provide to any structure. Here he took a circular stair one step further by incorporating a circle into the iron handrail.
The floorplan above shows the location of the private stair (L). The circle made for a compact stair that could fit to the side of the public circulation.
The treads are limestone cantilevered (in parts) from the limestone walls. To provide a graceful ascent Lutyens designed many of his stairs with very short risers and long treads.
 Displayed in the stairwell is this colorful silk banner of the Royal Arms once owned by William  IV.
 A window on the 2nd floor allows natural light into the space.
A very regal portrait graces the top landing - Queen Victoria perhaps? I'll share a very different stair from the house shortly, the Grand staircase.
Floorplan from The Architecture of Diplomacy, The British Ambassador's Residence in Washington. Photographs are my own.

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