So it's been awhile since i've visited my blog.....I think I felt I was turning into a boring old history professor with smelly clothes, facial hair and spectacles and thats not entirely how I wanted this blog to go and I needed a little breather to regroup. I need some variation....
So I found inspiration in this BEAUTIFUL cabinet!!!! I don't know what excites me more.... the tiger wood, the antiqued mirrored shelves and top, the beautiful green interior, the wood tracery on the glass doors, the leather handles or the metal feet. This would be the perfect showcase for a collection of books, china, and just little bibelots that everyone has. 2 flanking a doorway would be really special or one nestled in a corner or beside a bed in a bedroom with all your treasures sending you off to sleep.

sigh with me now - *pretty*!!

I found this on this fantastic girl's blog who also has a furniture collection - Tracy Porter
slim and trim!

All pictures courtesy of her website, until I can get space and a spare 3k for the cabinet...probably not happening!

ps -even the back is beautiful!!

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