By now you know I'm somewhat of a collector -always have been. There are 2 camps -those who believe that collections are windows to the soul (like Charlotte Moss for example) or those who abhor clutter and posessions and are staunch minimalists for their own mental stability. Why do some people crave possessions while others eschew them?

a shelf full of collections from Tracy Garet, books, vases, dishes
john barman's collection of books
silver and books, perhaps?
artwork and artifacts
I'm always drawn to interiors which have more of the collected look -to me they're like extentions of the owner's persona and more interesting than a bland room. In life, everyone tends to be either very self-reflecting or outwardly reflecting; Perhaps the minimalists collect thoughts or feelings and leave the tangible posessions to us collectionists? One set appreciates internal beauty while the other appreciates the wonders of the world, but can these 2 camps ever mix? I don't know, but till I figure out why I'm a collector, I'll just keep enjoying!
Ralph Lauren collects WASP acoutrement

Someone after my own heart, a collection of china

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