Viva Las Vegas!!

Recently, I've been in a Vegas state of mine. Currently, friends of mine are in Vegas celebrating a momentous birthday and having a blast I'm sure. I love my friends but declined to go. Expensive to get there, stay there and it's so tacky with very few redeeming qualities that I can remember.

'the venetian'

I visited in 2003 and took these pictures: on the surface, it looks like it would be a great place! Can't travel the globe? Go to Vegas and check out the far east.......... or the Grand Canal, Venice!

How about take in the dessert views from atop a spinning restaurant straight out of the movies (we made the mistake and stayed in this hotel, oy)

Want to get married?
or take a quick romantic jaunt to parisor to Versailles!
or settle into a coastal village
hmmm -maybe Vegas isn't so bad after all.......

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