Edith Piaf

Have you seen the movie from last year, 'la vie en rose', about Edith Piaf? I LOVED this movie, as I've always been a huge Edith Piaf fan - however, while Marion Cottiliard did an AMAZING job capturing Edith I think she also did a big of a diservice to her by...well...over-acting a bit. Edith was a born performer. First -watch this clip of the REAL edith in 1962, a year before her death. She has POISE and COMMAND of the stage despite her ill health and age.

Now -watch Marion Coutillard perform as Edith Piaf in a clip from the movie from the same time period.

Now, she's playing up the bad posture and all a bit much, isn't she? Not to take away from the movie at all - definitely see the movie if you have not yet! I just wanted people to know that the real Edith Piaf was a born performer!!

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