when my ship comes in.......

Do you have plans for what you'll do 'when your ship comes in'? For me, I've always had just one plan - to buy a Cartier watch -the classic 'Tank Francaise'.This watch is the ultimate in design for me; clean, classic lines, beautiful craftsmanship and an integrated strap unlike so many watches that the beauty ends at the timepiece and a strap is just sort of thrown on as an afterthought. I also love that the dial is a sapphire and those matching blue hands!!As in everything, it's the little details that make the difference. Can you believe this watch was designed in 1910 and is still so modern? It's timeless!Of course, I would prefer a vintage white gold version, but that would have to be an AWFULLY big ship coming in......I don't think my dock is that large! I will gladly settle for the stainless steel version, new or vintage!! One of these days.......I'm sure you're all surprised I named a watch as my first 'I wish' item and not a piece of furniture, art or porcelain! What can I say, SURPRISE!

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