I don't normally like jewelry.....

But this DIAMOND CORSAGE ORNAMENT just may change my mind about that! Recently this was sold at Christie's in London for only $355,794. Just to be clear -this is a lot more than my CONDO cost.......for a pin.......a BEAUTIFUL pin........I suppose at these prices it's a brooch.

At a much more reasonable price of $24,538 we have this Cartier Pendant watch from 1930 - isn't this delightful? Not a word I would normally use, but it fits - DELIGHTFUL! This is why I love Cartier! I think I could find a way to wear this myself.....on the lapel of a jacket -maybe not?? Ok -I guess it is really not a good idea..... but sooo pretty
And last but not least, this art deco platinum diamond & emerald bracelet. I just love emeralds - and bracelets! Girls -wear more bracelets! $77,833 seems like a steal for this (not that I have that much, but this is definitely WORTH that much)

See the entire offerings from last week's jewelry auction HERE at Christies.

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